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The full collection at a discounted price, this includes:


Lash foam extension cleanser- 

Our lash extension foam cleanser is perfect for giving your extensions a thorough, deep cleanse.


The foamy texture helps to get  right down to the lash line where lots of oils and bacteria builds up over time if not cleansed properly, causing conditions such as; blepharitis.


It is SO important that you cleanse your lash extensions as it can not only cause oil and bacteria build up, it can also cause your lash extensions to come out quicker. 


This is due to natural oils which our skin produces, helps to break down the bond with the glue, causing premature shedding.


Contains 60ml which will last you around 6 months.


The mini fan-

After using the 'Lash extension foam cleanser', and rinsing, the mini fan is perfect for drying your lashes too keep them fluffy. The cool air technology, prevents your lashes from melting and being damaged from heat, this is the perfect temperature for drying your lashes. 


The mini fan has 3 different speeds, for slower and faster drying time. The mini fan is small and portable, so you can take it anywhere. It comes with a USB portable charger and detatchable landyard, it holds upto 48 hour battery life. Perfect to keep your lashes fluffy whilst travelling. 


These fans will last you a life time just charge and go.


Extension cleansing brush-

Behold, the best tool for cleaning your lash extensions. The lash extension cleansing brush. This brush is beyond perfect as it has different lengthed, extra soft bristles too get inbetween your lash extensions giving them a gentle but thorough cleanse.  


For best results pair with our lash extension foam cleanser, use with eyes closed, use the brush to brush cleanser down your lash extensions and along your lash line. 


Which is FREE anytime you order a lash extension foam cleanser.

The Full Flawlash Collection

  • We do not accept returns for any lash products.

  • Please avoid product from contacting the eyes.

    This product is NOT an eye cleanser. This should be used to clean your lash extensions only.

    Do not use product with eye open, use on each eye at a time keeping the one you are cleansing closed. Do not open eye until product is completely rinsed from your lash extensions.

    Please be aware that this products runs on electricity, so please be careful around water and use this product with care.

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